Why Choose Us

We Pay It Forward

We’re all in this together, and having the right conversations count. We do our very best to orchestrate luck by thoughtful introductions, and we want to leave every person, place or situation, better.

We Connect the Dots

Relationships are everything. We like to solve problems using systems thinking and the lean methodology. We learn and iterate; we unite stakeholders and work towards shared outcomes. We believe connecting dots are the quickest way to achieve a vision.

We Take the Long View

In the startup world, at the intersections of ideas and execution, things move at lightning speed. We’re committed to getting things done, efficiently and with urgency, to ensure we help position communities for success in the long term.

About Us

Who We Are?

What We Do?

Based in beautifully vibrant Northwest Arkansas, we have a solid team comprised of investors, entrepreneurs and project managers with a shared mission to catalyze and foster emerging startup/venture ecosystems. 

We like to keep our eyes and ears open to find ways to help others, and we have an open-door policy in the interest of inclusive entrepreneurial communities.