What We Do

Startup Junkie Consulting is a globally proven social venture. We don’t just work with startups. Along with working with startups, we also work in depth with existing ventures up to approximately $15MM in annual revenue, from all industry verticals. We can help with all aspects, from starting up, to scaling up. We’ve built a reputation as recognized experts for helping to scale some of the most exciting growing brands ($150K-$15MM in annual revenue) in NWA, the Ozarks, and beyond. Further, our partners at Community Venture Foundation (NWA’s recognized non-profit leader focused on building its entrepreneurship and innovation community) provide additional depth and breadth in youth entrepreneurship, STEM, underserved, and social venture initiatives. Together, we are focused on building NWA’s entrepreneurship and innovation community, and on building venture communities around the world. Our aim is to provide services to entrepreneurs and venture leaders that are higher quality than if they were to pay for them. We’ve helped build venture communities from Canada to South America….we’ve been busy! We lead the NWA Venture Team / Ozarks Regional Innovation Cluster (ORIC), we help lead the Conductor in Central Arkansas, and we have active operations in Canada (in Winnipeg through Innovate Manitoba and in Nova Scotia through Navigate Startup House). We specialize in supporting ventures innovating around and within retail, consumer packaged goods, supply chain (transportation and logistics), food, and data analytics. However, we do provide in depth support, consulting, and assistance to new ventures and existing ventures from all industry verticals..ranging from biotech to aerospace! From helping entrepreneurs build ventures all the way to helping entire communities build venture and innovation ecosystems, we do it all.

What Else

Our organization is led and operated by veteran and women entrepreneurs, so we understand the unique obstacles and opportunities faced by traditionally underserved communities. We have become national leaders in supporting women, minority, and veteran owned businesses and new ventures.


Although we are based in and support ventures in the EDA nine county defined region of NW Arkansas, NE Oklahoma, and SW Missouri,we are far more than a geographic cluster. We work with and support entrepreneurs, ventures, and venture communities from across the country and world.


We work hard, and it's paying off!

Annual Outputs (Two Years, 2014-2016, Just ORIC & NWA):

  • Provided 6,207 hours of free 1:1 mentoring, counseling, training, support, and assistance.
  • Executed 1,956 free mentoring, counseling, training, support, and assistance engagements with entrepreneurs.
  • Served over 1000 unique small businesses and startups, and 1646 startup founders and venture owners through 1:1 mentoring, counseling, training, support, and assistance.
  • Provided 6,195 hours leading and guiding programs, events, and workshops aimed at uplifting the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Led and guided 310 program, event, and workshop engagements aimed at uplifting the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Served over 136,000 through our programs, events, and workshops.
  • Provided 4,534 hours leading outreach engagements aimed at educating various strategic stakeholders on the importance of entrepreneurship.
  • Led and supported 1,102 outreach engagements aimed at educating various strategic stakeholders on the importance of entrepreneurship.

Annual Outcomes (Two Years, 2014-2016, Just ORIC & NWA):

  • Achieved $172,137,535 in revenue
  • Created 619 new jobs
  • Raised $67,335,616 in private capital
  • Raised $8,288,863 in public capital (grants, etc.)
  • Created 613 new product, service, and business lines
  • Entered 608 new markets
  • Submitted 36 patent applications
  • Had 23 patents approved
  • Licensed 45 technologies

* 100% of these ventures worked with us through either 1:1 consulting, or participated in our events, workshops, and programs. Based on 68 cluster companies.

What People Say About Our Work

Startup Junkie Consulting has been pivotal in helping us get out of the building and start making the vital connections to bring our technology to the key customers and partners. My co-founder and I met our next partner through SJC. This has allowed us to infuse our company with increased business acumen and experience. SJC has been a great help for everything from providing feedback to our presentations/pitches, providing focused help through structured programs such as the 2.7.0 accelerator, to mentoring us in the area of talking to investors and IP negotiations. The SJC team is providing vital services to small businesses in the area and the community at large.

Edgar Cilio

CTO, Little Bird Systems

While it is not rare to meet people with multiple roles, Jeff is the rare case of someone who performs each role extremely well. Jeff has been a tremendous resource as we launched and continue to grow Silicon Solar Solutions. I would strongly recommend picking Jeff’s brain if you are considering launching a new business.

Douglas Hutchings

Cofounder, Picasolar & Silicon Solar Solutions

I have been truly amazed by the quality of the startups and resources from this area. This unique regional cluster, made up of dynamic public-private partnerships brings together business leaders, universities, non- profits, government officials and other strategic partners to help capitalize on regional strengths to enhance the local economy, create jobs, and compete globally. It is an inspiring model of true southern hospitality for entrepreneurs.

Edward Haddock

Senior Area Manager Northwest Arkansas, Small Business Administration

Having the Startup Junkie team in my corner helped Con Quesos go from a class project to Fayetteville’s hottest new restaurant! I cannot express how great it was having them with me along my startup journey.

Omar Kasim

CEO, Con Quesos